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Fatima Rizwan

Founder, Airschool, xTechJuice

Fatima Rizwan is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of Airschool. Previously, she founded TechJuice -- Pakistanโ€™s leading blog writing about technology, startups and entrepreneurship. TechJuiceโ€™s content reaches 5M timelines a month through its media content shared on social platforms. It gets almost 1M users a month on its website. The website also has a social following of almost ~800K. All of this has been bootstrapped without any external funding or monetary support. TechJuice clients & partners include Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Telenor, Ufone, PTCL, Daraz, Microsoft, Google etc. Fatima has been named Emerging Leader of Pakistan by the Department of State.

Sinwan Zahid โœจ

Content | Marketing | Growth @Airschool

Sinwan Zahid is a content creator, writer and marketer with more than 4 years of in-house experience with home-grown Pakistani startups like MangoBaaz, Hungerist, BeautyHooked, Galaxy Lollywood. Other than her full-time career, she has worked extensively as a freelance writer and content creator since her college days.While at MangoBaaz, she managed their Hungerist category for over a year and a half and grew the Hungerist blog readership and social media community organically through targeted and consistent content creation. Now she is part of the Airschool team, looking at all things content and marketing.

Zubair Naeem Paracha

Founder - MENAbytes

Zubair Naeem Paracha is the founder of MENAbytes, one of the leading online publications covering technology and startups from the Middle East & North Africa, and has been leading it since 2017. He takes a keen interest in tech and venture capital, learnings and insights of which he shares with his LinkedIn community of over 20,000 followers. Along with this, he also writes on startups and venture capital in his weekly newsletter, Termsheet.

Ramsri Goutham Golla

Entrepreneur, content creator, and data scientist

Ramsri Goutham Golla is a lead data scientist, entrepreneur, and a writer. He has over 8 years of experience working in startups out of India, Singapore and the United States. He is also a content creator and regularly talks about entrepreneurship and AI via his blog, podcasts and social media platforms (almost 40k followers). He is a recipient of India's Next Big Creator Award by in the Linkedin category. Currently, he is building - an AI SaaS edtech initiative to automate assessment (test/quiz) creation for K-12 education.

Course Curriculum

Free yourself from preconceived notions and start afresh. Find the writer in you, a niche you love, and identify what problems your readers will need solved. Start your content writing mastery journey on a high note, with several take-home activities to add to your self reflection and awareness process. Come back with clear goals you want to achieve.

Unlock a powerful creative flow and NEVER find yourself in a creative block again. Writing is great, but it can also be demanding. So when content writers crash and burn, how do they bounce back? These tried and tested techniques will help you organize ideas, churn out content you believe in, and help you create a model that works for YOU. You will never feel stuck again!

Pro writers have SET RULES for content idea generation and planning. Learn to consistently brainstorm ideas that knock the ball out of the park, even if youโ€™ve written 101 pieces of similar content already. Never again will you go into writing content blankly without purpose, meaning and a goal.

Find your unique voice and style, mould it into unbeatable content and never create a boring piece again. In this class, weโ€™re going to tell you how to come up with head-turning titles, mind blowing openings, and a full write up thatโ€™s persuasive as hell. Moreover, weโ€™re going to go through EACH element that is NEVER missing in all phenomenal pieces of writing, so that you donโ€™t ever miss the mark.

Explore types of content writing structure and templates to nail down. Play around with several content writing formats and pick the ones you RELATE to and love the most. Lastly, get a look of what each social media platform requires differently from writing - with authentic examples.

Great content is rooted in its narrative. We all love stories, because they are personal, engaging, and experiential. So even if you have the most technical content available, you will learn to tell a story SO WELL that the crowd will not forget about it.

Great content needs to be found by the people itโ€™s meant for. So how does one make sure it gets to them? See how you can build your very own distribution mechanism, and also make it behavior-friendly for different platforms. Moreover, get down to business and work on content-led growth strategies to acquire 10x the readers you have now.


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  • Engagement and interaction

    You will not listen to one-way lectures, rather be in a digital classroom with some of the best experts and class fellows. Class size wonโ€™t be massive and youโ€™ll have the floor to yourself to ask questions, debate, share your thoughts and contribute to everyoneโ€™s mastery.

  • Transparency and accountability

    Coursework like pop quizzes, short assignments, case studies can really help refresh and reinforce concepts. When everyoneโ€™s participating and sharing their ideas, youโ€™ll feel challenged to come up with bigger and better ideas, thus having work to show by the end of the cohort.

  • Community and synergy

    Teamwork makes the dream work. Connect with your classmates, a group of like-minded people working towards the same goals and course outcomes as you. Support, challenge yourself and others, and possibly build lifelong relationships.

  • Results and impact

    Live, cohort-based courses are all about the transformation over a short period of time. This is what you and your cohort work together to achieve. You will come out of this course transformed in many, many ways.

Salient Features

This is not an ordinary course but a masterclass specially designed to help you become successful in the market. Some of the perks include:

Live Classes

All the classes will be conducted live giving you the opportunity to engage with the instructor and fellow course takers.

Replay Available

If for some reason, you missed a lecture, videos will be provided for you to stay up to speed with the class.

Guest Lectures

Meet Successful people who started their journey from content creation. Seek inspiration and learn from their experiences.

Practical Exercises

Clearly designed assignments and goals to build your foundations throughout the class

Networking Opportunities

A Dedicated Slack community to connect with your classmates and instructor

Useful Resources

Get inspiration from the work of your fellows. Find your own tribe of supporters!


The class will have batches in Local language.


Certification will be provided to participants.

Fee Structure

Apply now and get free access to the precourse work.

One time fee for the whole master class


The live classes for the courses will be conducted on our platform, Airschool, and zoom. Once you enrol, you will get the joining details. Slack channels will be available for after-class conversations and discussion.

Airschool provides learners with a 1-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that the course doesnโ€™t deliver to its expectations or doesnโ€™t teach what it promised, you can apply for a refund within 1-day of enrolling for the course. Mail us at explaining the reason behind your decision and you will get your money back in 7 working days.

We love improvement and we love when itโ€™s based on our usersโ€™ feedback. We expect you to record your constructive comments in our feedback form and these will be used to improve the course for the next batches.

Yes, certificates will be provided.