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A complete starter training on creating and launching an online course. Creating an online courses isn't complicated, one just needs to follow a couple of steps. If you're not informed, however, of the entire process - your time, resources and effort may end up going down the drain. And so, successful course creators are a little methodical about it and we're sharing the best practices with you. Join us as we walk you through how to take your knowledge from just an idea to a digital product that people continue buying, even if you're not actively selling it. Here's what you can expect to learn, one by one: 👉 Identifying your passion & expertise 👉 Figuring out market demand 👉 Creating your course curriculum 👉 Creating a course presentation 👉 Recording your course 👉 Pricing framework 👉 Marketing and launching your course

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In this module, we will take a step back and ask ourselves what it is that you are: 1. passionate about 2. have expertise in and 3. if there is market demand for that expertise. This building block may seem like it needs less work, but it sets the foundation of ALL you will learn and do ahead. Hence, if you are successful in completing the prescribed frameworks in this module, you're in for success. We mean it.

  • Module 1 - Finding Your Passion & Expertise 8min 15sec
  • Module 2 - Understanding Market Needs for Your Expertise 7min 50sec

In this section, we will discuss how you can start building a course curriculum once you have created identified your passion, expertise and understood that there is a demand for your course.

  • Module 3 - Creating Kickass Course Curriculum Through Reverse Engineering 5min 56sec

Here we will talk about how to use your course curriculum as a guiding force to gather, organize and allocate content for lecture slides Worry not, if your course is practical, you still might need to organize your content before you hit the record button.

  • Module 4 - Creating Powerful Course Presentation 6min 10sec
  • ❤️Bonus - Course Presentation Template 1min 53sec

Let's get to the meat of course creation: video recording. Ready, Set, Action! I will cover tips, tricks to record amazing lectures through Loom using your webcam and whatever you have available. If you're planning on doing a live, cohort-based course - you may not need this right now, but maybe you'll plan a recorded course in the future?

  • Module 5 - How to Record Bright and Shiny Videos 9min 53sec
  • 👉 How to Record Practical Course Videos 2min 57sec

In this section, we will discuss course pricing factors and a must-have framework to help you price your course. This is important, don't take it easy. 😅

  • Module 6 - Course Pricing Framework 12min 2sec

In this section, find out how you can drive prospects from 'only looking' to 'I'm going to buy this course!'

  • Module 7 - Marketing Your Online Course 3min 57sec
  • Module 8: Copywriting and Design for Courses 4min 26sec
  • Module 9: Understanding a Course Sales Funnel 3min 34sec
  • Module 10: Social Media, Content & Storytelling 4min 30sec
  • Module 11: Advertisement & Conclusion 3min 52sec
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Fatima Rizwan 🔮

Founder, Airschool, xTechJuice

Fatima Rizwan is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of Airschool. Previously, she founded TechJuice -- Pakistan’s leading blog writing about technology, startups and entrepreneurship. TechJuice’s content reaches 5M timelines a month through its media content shared on social platforms. It gets almost 1M users a month on its website. The website also has a social following of almost ~800K. All of this has been bootstrapped without any external funding or monetary support. TechJuice clients & partners include Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Telenor, Ufone, PTCL, Daraz, Microsoft, Google etc. Fatima has been named Emerging Leader of Pakistan by the Department of State.


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