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Welcome to the Blogging Mastery course. In this course, I will teach you to effectively start and scale your blog beyond a 7-figure business. Join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/340629850576803/ I, Fatima Rizwan, your instructor, have scaled Pakistan’s leading blog TechJuice.Pk to 7-Figures profitably. I have recently founded Airschool, a startup that aims to help experts share their skills and knowledge with everyone. Starting with Blogging, I am covering wordpress and no code tools to help you launch your effective blogging business and take it to profitability. With TechJuice, I have worked with the leading tech brands like Daraz, Yayvo, Telenor, PTCL, Ufone, Zong, Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. The course is ‘Gold’. It is the product of extensive knowledge and my years of experience of starting TechJuice from scratch and making it a brand! I congratulate you all on finding this treasure. You can find the comprehensive syllabus below. The good news is that blogging or content writing is one of the most sought after skills of this century. It is the most demanded and high-paying skill of 2021, and this course will teach you everything you need to know to become content writing and blogging specialist. After this course, you can: 👉 Start and grow your blogging or newsletter business 👉 Setup your or someone else blog 👉 Do SEO for yours or other blogs 👉 Onboard clients and work with them for blogging Who this course is for? 🎯Business owners 🎯Freelancers 🎯Marketing professionals 🎯Online marketers 🎯ANYONE looking to start a writing business 🎯ANYONE interested in building 7-Figure blog or newsletter. TAKE A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION WITH YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS. START YOUR JOURNEY TOWARD A BRIGHT, HAPPY, AND HEALTHY FUTURE.

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An introduction to blogging, the instructor and what are the important aspects of blogging covered in this course. 👉 Understanding Passion 👉 Understanding Expertise 👉 Figuring Market Demand 👉 Finding your Purple Cow 👉 Picking a Blog Type

  • 1. Introduction to the Instructor & Course 5min 25sec
  • 2. Finding Passion & Expertise 10min 37sec
  • 3. Finding Market Demand 16min 12sec

This section covers how to setup a blog. This section will cover: 👉 Picking a blog name 👉 Buying a domain 👉 Setting up your website 👉 Wordpress/no code tools 👉 How to write a blog

  • 4. The right type of blog for you 9min 1sec
  • 5. How to pick a name for your blog? 16min 21sec
  • 6. How to design a logo for your blog? 6min 48sec
  • 7. Picking a Platform for your Blog 4min 14sec

Detailed tutorials on how to setup a blog on 1. Wordpress 2. Substack

  • 7. Buying a super cheap domain from Namecheap.com 4min 36sec
  • 8. Guide to Buying a hosting via Bluehost 18min 47sec
  • 9. Setting up Coinbar.digital website on Wordpress 11min 9sec
  • 10. Setting up Google Analytics through MonsterInsights 6min 1sec
  • 11. How to setup your free blog on Substack 6min 52sec

This part of the course will cover growth loops and opportunities for long term traffic acquisition. 👉 Building Content Calendar 👉 Onpage/Offpage SEO optimizations 👉 Keyword Research Tools 👉 Blog Ideas Tools 👉 Building Growth Systems 👉 Collaboration with other Bloggers 👉 Building Credibility

  • How to start a crypto blog with traffic potential of 1M in a year 15min 32sec
  • How to generate keyword ideas for your blog 8min 53sec
  • How to find keywords your competitors are ranking for 9min 51sec

Learn how to write epic blogs, scale them and do SEO.

  • How to write epic blogs - a repeatable framework 12min 0sec

Building systems and media kit for monetization. 👉 Different Monetization Models 👉 Creating Media Kit for Brands 👉 Making Money while you Sleep!

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About Expert

Fatima Rizwan 🔮

Founder, Airschool, xTechJuice

Fatima Rizwan is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of Airschool. Previously, she founded TechJuice -- Pakistan’s leading blog writing about technology, startups and entrepreneurship. TechJuice’s content reaches 5M timelines a month through its media content shared on social platforms. It gets almost 1M users a month on its website. The website also has a social following of almost ~800K. All of this has been bootstrapped without any external funding or monetary support. TechJuice clients & partners include Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Telenor, Ufone, PTCL, Daraz, Microsoft, Google etc. Fatima has been named Emerging Leader of Pakistan by the Department of State.


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  • H

    Hasnain Abbas


    An honest review is what everyone needs.... So here I need to share. First thing Ms Fatima gives her heart in teaching,always welcomes questions without loosing temper or making fun on silly questions, well structured and researched content is there, she also gives chance to meet other successful bloggers to enhance learning, class always starts on time, but this course will only help if you are very serious and you are 100% willing to start blogging practically. Go for the course it worth.

  • F

    Fasiha Imran


    It was a wonderful experience of learning about the journey of becoming a successful blogger. Fatima is very humble. She encourages her students to engage in the class either by asking questions or sharing learning experiences. The course is of an advanced level so if someone wants to start from zero or doesn't know anything about blogging or content writing then this might not be a good fit. You need to learn the basics before getting enrolled in the course.

  • M

    Mahmood Zubair


    It was an amazing course by an amazing instructor! It was a great learning curve. I got to learn lots of new things I haven't before and I am determined to use it. The content was loaded with information and covers almost everything very briefly. This course is highly recommended. Thank you.

  • M

    Muneeb Dogar


    Excellent & very interactive course. Fatima & the team did a fabulous job by sharing all the hidden tactics & techniques to grow and monetize our blogs.

  • S

    Saba Sohail


    It was a great experience learning with Fatima, who I think is my fav mentor now! The biggest reason this course qualifies as one of the best in the market is that I got to learn from an established blogger, who has some great industry knowledge to impart and hands-on experience in managing a successful blog. The course is definitely worth all the time, money and energy we had invested.

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